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All initial injuries will be seen on an immediate no wait basis.

Working together with area employers, Premier Occupational Health is helping to build a stronger, healthier community.

At Premier Occupational Health we feel communication is a key to a successful injury care and prevention program. Every injury treated by our doctors will result in a personal phone call from our physician to a designated person at your company to describe the patients condition and restrictions if necessary. This phone call can assist your company by allowing the supervisor to take an active role in the case. We also encourage you to call our clinic and speak with the doctor directly regarding a current case, or a new case you would like us to review.

Premier Occupational Health services are designed to help employers reduce medical costs, lost workdays and risks by returning employees to health and to the workplace. Our case management approach means every employees job-related medical needs are managed by an interdisciplinary occupational health team of professionals.

We take time to understand your specific needs, and are able to offer your employees preventive, healing, and recovering healthcare that is both high quality for them and cost effective for you as an employer.

Essentially, we become your healthcare partner and help you reduce your workers compensation costs while making your employee happier and healthier.

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